Surface Incident is a group of images that explore sense of place and the city, envisioned as a series of fabricated spaces—modeled in 3D and refigured through texture-mapping, lighting and framing. Surface Incident uses the visual language of cinema to investigate the shifting urban environment. These images link physical surroundings and psychological state, and imagine a de-historicized urban space in which surface is everything.

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NIGHT LIGHT is a series of digital images based on the landscape of industrial enclaves, highways and commercial strips. These images represent a world of exaggerated, unnatural color and reflected light, in which icons of popular culture and fragments of signage reanimate a desolate industrial environment.

This landscape of vibrant signs references the illumination of media, movies and popular entertainment and embodies the dynamism of the commercial landscape and its evolution from neutral surroundings to active agent.

Night Light stills

disintegration, reconstruction

DISINTEGRATION/RECONSTRUCTION is a series of digital images that explore a vision of the dissolving city. In these images, the discontinuity, rupture and devastation of the urban environment is represented via photographic fragments of historical and contemporary structures as well as core elements of architectural language.

Through common elements of the architectural and ornamental vocabulary, are interwoven contrast of embellishment and abandonment, connection and dislocation, beauty and ugliness, past and present, identity and anonymity.

Disintegration/Reconstruction stills