Waiting Room [interactive shockwave]

In the interactive version of Waiting Room, the viewer can use the four arrow keys to navigate the space.
The 'r' key resets to the original floor position; you can use the tab key and spacebar to cycle through various camera positions. Moving image walls are triggered by proximity.

Open Waiting Room Interactive [requires the Shockwave plug-in and will load in a pop-up window]

Framing Landscape

Framing Landscape is an ongoing project that explores the conventions of landscape. A series of image sequences create a montage that explores time, scale, and sense of place within the natural world and questions the conventions of landscape imagery and photographic representation.

Rock, Water, Earth, Sky, work-in-progress

This multiple channel video presents four iconic landscape image elements [rock, water, earth, sky] in rapid sequence to explore our perception of scale, the passage of time and the particularity of place. A matrix of still and video images is manipulated, reframed and sequenced into four simultaneously running sequences in which the visual conventions of landscape imagery are rapidly contrasted; these contrasts are centered upon the granularity of landscape.